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December 3, 2009

Kris 2008 Pinot Grigio White Wine


Kris 2008 Pinot Grigio 225x300 Kris 2008 Pinot Grigio White Wine

Kris 2008 Pinot Grigio

What is better than to sit at the end of the day and drink wine with friends, or substitutes for friends! – James Joyce

Pinot Grigio is one of the world’s most popular wines.  Unfortunately, its popularity has overshadowed other white Italian wines like Orvieto (which is a better white wine).

Italy is the main producer of Pinot Grigio. In fact, Italy is the main producer of wine in the world. All 20 regions of Italy are producers of wine. Italy regularly surpasses France in the sheer quantity of wine made. About half of the wine is exported, mainly to France.

The standard Pinot Grigio is a light bodied, high acid, delicate white wine. It should have an intense aroma, flavor and weight. It should not be rich and full bodied as a red wine. A Pinot Grigio pairs well with seafood, light pastas and cheese and cracker combinations.

With this in mind why does this 2008 Kris Pinot Grigio seem more like a chardonnay?

The 2008 Kris Pinot Grigio is from Italy and hails from the Veneto region. I purchased the bottle from Pete Milano’s Wine and Liquors at 1440 Forest Avenue.

The price of the wine was about $14 for a 750 ml bottle.

At first sight the wine is a clear gold color. As you swirl the wine in your glass it appears to be oily and cling to sides. It does not have a lot of legs. One taster found it to have a brilliant clarity. Visually the wine was very appealing.

Unfortunately, the bouquet or nose of the 2008 Kris Pinot Grigio is not as appealing as it is visually. The scent of this wine is clean with no fruity aroma. Some of the tasters found the wine to have an overly powerful bouquet. I found the wine to have a noticeably oak scent.

The 2008 Kris Pinot Grigio is a dry white wine. The acidity was flat but one taster found it refreshing. One major flaw was that most tasters thought this was a chardonnay during the blind tasting. The rationale for this was the heavier than normal body for a Pinot Grigio. One taster said it was similar to a red wine tannins in overall mouth feel too. Tannins are not in white wines.

Overall the 2008 Kris Pinot Grigio is an acceptable wine but not well balanced. The major flaw was the unusual heavy body for a Pinot Grigio. It scored 13 out of 20 points from our tasters. As I find most white wines, especially Pinot Grigio’s, it was boring and uninteresting (I sound like a pompous ass.) Please try the wine and e-mail your opinion.

Thank you for reading.

 Kris 2008 Pinot Grigio White Wine