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May 4, 2010

Eating Out with the Family – Adobe Blues

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Adobe Blues

By: Nanine Iengo Blomstrom

Photo By N. Iengo
Enjoying Adobe Blues 225x300 Eating Out with the Family   Adobe Blues

No Mas!

I am full.  Full of Enchiladas that is.  I actually can’t even think straight. Tonight we ate at a staple in New Brighton–Adobe Blues.  For those of you who are not familiar with it (and there may still be a few of you out there) Adobe Blues is located past the ferry and just a little before Snug Harbor off of Richmond Terrace at 63 Lafayette Avenue.  It serves southwestern food and boasts a humungous beer list–which is what appealed to us some years back when a hangover wasn’t something we worried about.  Now that 10 o’clock is sounding a little late, a hangover is actually making us just say no-at least a little.  It is the homey atmosphere and welcoming attitude Adode Blues has that keeps us coming back.

It is one of my husband’s favorite places on the Island.  My son Teddy and I picked him up from the ferry on the evening of his birthday and after hemming and hawing about where to go–which usually lasts about 20 minutes and ends up with two out of the three of us sulking in our warm soda and overpriced yet soggy sushi–I suggested Adobe Blues.  Teddy was excited about the prospect of guacamole and chips and I knew Pete was already thinking about which beer he would have–I think it was Newcastle this time.  We got there around 6:30 and it was relatively empty.  A couple of patrons were at the bar and a few tables were already occupied.  I didn’t intend to write about this, but after we were settled at our table and were enjoying the chips and the ambient lighting (to put it romantically)  a group of 5 parents wielding 3 infant car carriers walked in.  I thought to myself–Yikes, they may have a problem sitting down.  I’ve been there, not with three of course, but it is mildly uncomfortable walking into a restaurant with one child, thinking “I hope we can be accommodated without much fuss”.  The hostess didn’t bat an eye–They were seated right away in a comfortable table in the back where the band usually plays.  The place does have a rather interesting acoustic issue.  It is hard to hear anything there that is outside your immediate area, so that totally worked in their favor.  Then I started noticing more couples with children coming in and it was getting crowded.  There were at least 4 tables with children under 3 and some with children from 7-15.  It was nice.  A place where mommy and daddy had way too good a time working their way through the beer list has renovated itself into a family establishment. Maybe it always was, but like I said–they have great beer!

While they do not have a dedicated children’s menu, my son was more than happy with his heaping (yes, I used the word heaping) side dish of Red Beans and Rice, sour cream, chips and guacamole. His milk did come in a covered kids cup with a ‘fat’ straw.  The menu hasn’t changed that much over the years.  They usually have a few unique specials and not-your-everyday southwestern plates, as well as the standard Mexican/southwestern dishes such as the aforementioned enchiladas (the green chili sauce that accompanied them was amazing.) Overall the food has remained consistent–honestly, I can’t say I have ever had a bad meal there.  Now I can enjoy it with my family and know that family friendly doesn’t have to mean sacrificing taste and atmosphere.  They do provide a changing table in the ladies room which was a plus, since the bathroom is a bit rural looking.  Also, just to make a note of it if you are thinking of going, we were there on a Tuesday night around 6:30, it started getting full at about 7:00 and the waiting area is in the bar–which can definitely get crowded as well.  Also, Wednesday night is “Open Mic” night where many a singer and guitar hero come to play.  They also usually have a band or two on the weekend.  It can get pretty loud, so maybe call before going.  (718) 720-2583?…..