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January 7, 2010

I’m back with some new and delicious recipes!


colander boy Im back with some new and delicious recipes!

You can't find good help anymore!

Happy New Year!

I hope your holidays went well and there were no cooking disasters. I took some time off from blogging for the holidays. I know about you but I’ve put on my fair share of weight on during the last few weeks. The photo above is of my uh, uh, uh … a cooking challenged individual who doesn’t quite know the purpose of a colander/strainer. He can paint you a work of art but he is a little challenged in the kitchen. I bet his friend Hugh would know how to cook spaghetti. You can’t find good help anymore! LOL!

I’ve cooked a lot for the holidays and I can’t believe how fast they came and WENT! With all the craziness of the past few weeks (and this year) I wish time would just stand still. I guess you learn how to enjoy the moment the older you get (hopefully long before there is no more time left).

With all my recent cooking I discovered some magnificent recipes, cookbooks and wines that I will share with you over the next few weeks. Some of the highlights are:

Red Wine Risotto with Peas paired with a Roasted Beef Tenderloin drizzled with a Rosemary, Chocolate and Red Wine Sauce (this was so good it was beyond my expectations), Pork Wellington in a Fresh Brioche dough paired with String Beans Sauteed in Butter, Shallots and Slices of Ham (easy and delicious) and Chicken Breasts sauteed in Butter and Drizzled with a Brown Deglazing Sauce with Madeira Wine paired with Potato Croquettes (excuse me while I wipe my drooling mouth). The last dish is commonly known in French as “supremes de volaille a brun” from a fantastic cookbook (page 270) by Julia Child called, Mastering the Art of French Cooking“.

No, I’m not going to start blogging about cooking all the recipes in Julia’s cookbook. That was done in the 2009 movie, “Julie and Julia”. Good movie but not my gig. It did make me curious. I did buy it and it is AMAZING! I would highly recommend this book to the neophyte or the most experienced┬áhome cook. If you want to learn how to cook or improve your cooking then this is a must buy. It is essential to your cooking library. Julia is easy to understand and she points out why you need to do certain things in the recipes. Your not just following a recipe but getting insight on execution and technique.

I will be having a contest this month and the winner will receive a copy of Julia Child’s cookbook,”Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. I’ll keep you posted.

Keep cooking and thanks for reading.

 Im back with some new and delicious recipes!