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This blog is an exploration of Family Recipes, Wine, Staten Island (NYC) Restaurants, Bakeries and other food stuff. All too often Staten Island is the forgotten borough as it sits in the shadow of New York City and our sister borough Brooklyn. But most of all cooking has taught me a few things that might be worth sharing….

Life is good but even better when shared with family and friends. The bond that binds us are our daily celebrations and that usually revolves around good simple food (don’t forget the vino!). The art of cooking should be shared and taught. In a family cookbook my father wrote,

Most of us have favorite foods from our past that seem to be served only when someone special is visiting or at Grandma’s house. All too often a family food treasure is lost forever.

With that in mind I will share and preserve family food treasures and along the way you will learn how to cook. Yes, you can cook…. it’s not rocket science! You will ultimately learn that cooking is an expression of love or (spoken in my not so good Don Corleone voice) , “in case you have to cook for a bunch of guys.”

So by all means please comment, submit receipes and suggestions. I certainly can use the help. So now let’s get on with it and startburningcooking some food.


Tony “never too much garlic” Giordano

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